Call to Arms

Ok, so you're a talented artist/writer/photographer/designer? You're looking to be involved with an awesome project, entrusted with power, authority, and the knowledge that you've helped put together a community in Provo (and across the United States!)? You know other people that would like to help out as well?

Well spread the word! And become a part of it all!

Bare Bones is currently seeking designers, writers, editors, photographers, or anybody who likes to have fun to help out in the future. If you're interested in becoming a contributor, email us at:

barebonesmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com

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Ah, the beginning

When one endeavors to begin, to become, to come into being, it's helpful to establish exactly what one is. It's even more helpful to first establish exactly what one is not.

What we are not:

- Stupid. We're incredible smart.
- Money-hungry. We are poor and like it that way.
- Different. We're just like everybody else. That's why you'll relate.
- Inhumane. We love life and love to keep life alive.
- Going to let you down. We promise. Pinky promise even.
- Dedicated to Twilight Fanfiction. Unless it's really good Twilight Fanfiction.

What we are, then:

- A magazine.
- A magazine dedicated to being good at giving you stories, essays, art, culture, and enjoyment.
- For the time being, free.
- Not yet in existence.
- We will be soon.
- Don't worry.
- A collection of people who desperately want to bring you into our world and make our world your world and your world our world.
- Based out of Brigham Young University.
- Intimidatingly real.

So, for the time being we're in our infancy. We do not have our home in biodegradable papers and eco-friendly ink. But we soon will. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open. We've got gifts, information, and life-altering beauty coming your way.

Be prepared.

P.S. Join our Facebook Group to get updates, talk about things, understand your life more.
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