Bare Bones Weighs in on Wikileaks

Well, basically, there are two game-changing responses to this whole thing.

The first is this really interesting and well thought-out Slate article called, "The Wikileaks Cables as Literature". Man I do so endorse that. It's all Roland Barthes and Baudrillard-like. I'm down.

But, truly, DJ Alligator already had this figured out back in the early 2000's. The editorial staff here sides with Assange and the 'Gator.

You guys could tell us what you think, but beware we'll probably just backtrace it and sick the cyber police on you.



Daxson said...

This is the best part about that article, a comment left by a certain Kevin McFoy Dunn:

Diplomats: wotta buncha lit, philosophy and history majors -- jeez. And good on them. But I hear tell (anecdotally, too often) that the ranks of those so fitted out who serve the republic in the livery of Foggy Bottom thin daily. Wouldn't surprise me.

Worse, and more readily discerned, is the latter-day effort to level and to rationalize education for the generality into glorified trade schools à la U. of Phoenix et al. -- led of course by the hegemons manqués currently triumphantly ascendant among the society's capital-concentrating stratum -- which increasingly produces an inferior citizen elector. For the brain required to compose those thumbnails replete with snarky nuance and comprehensive contextualization to have been cultivated systematically only among presumptive members of a designated ruling class might have made a certain wicked sense during epochs in which both learning and governing were the sole business of the affluent and/or the titled; but now, even though it is the case that, among us, the people are more than ever the rulers, if but (as it were) titularly, it is likewise so that the fostering among the electorate of intellects at least serviceably conversant with humane letters, and so capable of keeping up with and informedly assessing political judgments arising from allusive, expressive and analytic capacities such as are evinced in the cables, continues to decay apace.

Horribly true, IMO: those qualities on fitful view in the dumped dispatches that are valued so manifestly by Beam are endangered in our polity, and with them the feat administration of foreign policy, and, perhaps, democracy in and per se. Oh, wow.


It made me laugh.

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