Austin Dressman Tackles the Roadtrip Video

Cross Country Roadtrip 2010 from Austin Dressman on Vimeo.

It's my Personal Opinion that Austin is at his best when he's giving himself room to breathe and taking risks with his editing. In this recounting of a recent road trip from Kentucky to Yellowstone, and down the Pacific Coastal Highway, we see Austin's superb hand with composition, his interesting and seamless editing style, all combined with a more refined and easier to stomach pacing than is normal with his raw, wide-eyed, and aggressive style. Which probably makes this one of his finest works.

That being said, you can also see me bullying him. A lot. And us all paying homage to Natalie Raines. Enjoy!

Austin Dressman has a job as a river boat con man. No, for real.


Emily said...

i really liked this.
especially the gradual hot air balloon shot.
and all of it really.

Natalie said...

Aw, Alex. I was your favorite part of the trip? Tender.

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