Urban Portraits: From Provo to Istanbul

Chances are, you're reading this in a public place. Maybe you're in a coffee shop. Or maybe a library. The bus. Your family home. Is there someone else near you? Maybe across the room? Glance at them. Don't stare, that's creepy. Just glance. A one second glimpse. Have you done that? Ok, now go ahead and try and draw them. Did it turn out well? Probably not, and don't feel bad. Not all of us can be as talented as Taylor Collins.

We're proud to feature the first in a series of portraits Collins is doing called "Urban Portraits." A local Provo-vian, Collins has been working on sneaking glimpses into the lives of others by meeting and quickly sketching people around the world. Through a variety of mediums we come to know the world of the random and strange encounter. A picture of a man he met on an airplane. People he meets on the street. We see, for a second, what it's like to be an objective and interested party in a new relationship.

Gesso, watercolor, and ballpoint pen on particle board

Blue ballpoint pen on drawing paper

Caricature art, this is not.

Taylor Collins obviously has some art nouveau issues he's not ready to discuss with you.


eliza.e.campbell said...


Are more of these to come, Taylor? Maybe of our Stadium of Fire star, Carrie Underwood?

Emily said...

these are fantastic!

Taylor said...

haha, definitely, more to come

Jessica said...


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