Back 2 School: Party Down Edition

Did I not tell anybody I was taking a month off? Whoops! It kind of just happened. But rest assured: we are back with a vengeance. We'll be updating regularly, so expect a whole lot of new and returning features.

What else is new? Oh that's right.

We're welcoming you back to school. This Friday come out to the official Bare Bones House, The Parlour. Eat food, hear some good music, and meet your fellow Bare Bones!

Where: The Parlour (688 N 500 E, Brovo, UT 84606)
When: Friday, Sept. 3 @ 8PM

This is sort of an introductory party to the rest of our lives, so don't miss the official beginning of our reign of cultural terror.

Sign into Facebook and RSVP here.


Daxson said...

yeeeyah boiiii

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