Things of Note on the Internet!

Ah, the internet. Can we ever get enough of it? No. No we cannot. And that's why I'm here to dump a massive load of internet on you. Peruse and react. These are your important internets of late.

Antoine Dodson

Mr. Dodson was recently featured in a news interview that probably changed his life. He heroically rushed to his sister's aid as she was in the process of being assaulted and chased off the assailant. He then went onto the news and testified about his intentions to find the perpetrator. What's beautiful about this guy is that he's obviously the coolest dude in the world. He's like an Alabamian Duckie Dale. He's the coolest. And while the subject matter here is serious - I mean his sister almost got raped - it's still undeniably awesome when this guy gets auto-tuned.

James Franco Writes: American Nods

This guy is trying really hard not to look like a big dumb idiot guy. He just recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in English. He went to an MFA program at Columbia. He's about to start his PhD at Yale. He's just finished a biopic on Allen Ginsberg titled Howl. OH and he just got a piece in Esquire. First off: the header of the page and the preemptive title is "James Franco Fiction". Cool. Just so if you weren't clear on it and you'd decided to skip a short-fiction piece called "Just Before the Black"; this is written by James Franco. So slow down buddy.

A few gems:
The building is beige, but the shadows make it shadow-color.

His window is all the way down, and he breathes his smoke out the black gaping gap.

Who knows if Franco is really smart? Not me! Will someone tell me?!

Proposition 8 Ruled "Unconstitutional"

This is pretty big news huh? I won't say much on it, other than that I think it's interesting that about a month ago Argentina's government legalized gay marriage. The Church released a letter back in July concerning the Argentinian vote on the matter much like the one many of us will remember from 2008, however not urging so emphatically for action to be taken against the vote. Does this mean the Church has backed off on the matter, politically speaking? I mean, the LDS Church has over 380,000 members in Argentina. [source] Argentina has a rough population of over 40 million people. Could it be that we obviously didn't have the upper-hand here and thought it best not to rock the boat? Hey, who knows? Here's the Church's response to the ruling today.

Oh and one last thing:

Are you feeling hungry?

Because I made you a saxroll.


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