In Which We Like Both Digital and Film Photography: Part Two

Bare Bones Magazine is proud to bring you two unique views on life, told through the medium of photography. We present to you a juxtaposition of film and digital storytelling. The arguments for either medium can be found across the internet. We're not making an argument either way. We're celebrating the beauty contained within the idiosyncratic nature of each respective format.

Part Two: Digital Photography

Digital photography allows anyone with a camera and a computer to begin to undertake the monumental process of conceptualizing and accomplishing their own personal brand of artistic genius. This is all I think I want to, or need to, say about digital photography. The rest speaks for itself.

Seth Wallen.


Dover Castle (Laura.)


Gina Prows.

Before Your Face

See Me


Seth Wallen lists Annie Liebovitz as an influence.

Gina Prows "strives to discard the persona and unmask the raw, real person or subject."

An additional note of interest: We've now created a Flickr page where you can check out all of the photography we've used here at Bare Bones, with requisite links back to the authors and artists.


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