A Barry Rowen Production: The Gretchen Serial

Barry Rowen recently began attending college. He has been having a hard time adjusting. Here are some sketches of his Algebra teacher.

This is Gretchen. She's my Algebra Professor.

This is her as a goat.

This is her as Godzilla.

Gretchen's a Bitch

Aquatic Gretchen's a bitch.

This is Gretchen if she had heard of the theatre.

Gretchen as a sandwich.

"This Jade is the bitch of the hour."

Barry Rowen, everybody.


Kelsie Lynn said...

Hahahaa I love these barry. So brilliant.

Emily said...

if she had heard of theatre! hahaha GREAT.

Daxson said...

haha. Love Aquatic Gretchen. ma fave.

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