Op-Ed: Girls At BYU

We're opening up a new Opinion-Editorial section. Send in your own. Today's is brought to you by Spencer J. Allread.


It's been pretty warm out lately and something I've noticed is a shocking lack of regard for both the Honor Code and other people. I've seen short skirts, low-cut tops, shorts above the knee, even. One girl was wearing a dress so ill-fitting, I could swear I could see her garments. And believe me, I was looking pretty hard.

What gives? You get stares when you dress like this, ladies, and not even good stares. So why waste your time? It's common knowledge that everyone loves a chaste and virtuous Daughter of God. John Bytheway often comments on the effect outward appearance has on attracting or detracting potential spouses. A responsible member of the Gospel looks for morality in all its forms. That includes, especially, outward appearance. A man wants to see your obedience, ladies, not your goods!

Speaking of which: a year ago at a YSA event up in Alpine, I heard a talk given wherein the speaker implored the girls of the room to think about the effect their dress has on young priesthood holders. In his words, unseemly and morally ambiguous clothing choices jeopardize a young man's morality and strain his ability to magnify his calling. I have to agree entirely. And, I would add, that this is not only to mention for young priesthood holders. All priesthood holders are susceptible to bared upper chests and shoulders. Please sisters, remember yourselves and the responsibilities you hold. You are responsible for the morality of the men of the Church as much as the men are.

I do hope in the future that the girls of this campus will remember their places and roles in helping the men to stay morally upright. Coeds are great. But please, think twice before you leave the house. Is that skirt below the knee? Are you wearing tights but no pants? Is your make up correct? Is your hair straight enough (curls attract unsavory elements)? Remember to check each and every one of these things in order to follow the Honor Code. If a man is to wield the priesthood and serve and protect you, then you should allow him to do so by staying chaste and virtuous in appearance.

I will end this with a story: Recently I was walking on campus, signing hymns to myself, trying to keep the Spirit strong (I had run up to the Temple earlier that morning to do some baptisms; also I'm in an ASL class). I saw a girl walking towards me with her bright yellow sports bra protruding from her shirt. Aghast, I diverted my eyes downward and began to whistle "My Time on Earth". Lo and behold, this young lady was wearing a skirt that only met her mid-thigh. I was more than annoyed that I could not simply look ahead without feeling unclean, and so as she approached, I looked up toward her head but slightly to the right. I then blurred my vision so that I wouldn't be tempted any longer. I think she smiled when we passed, but I couldn't really tell. I had holier things in mind.

Spencer J. Allread is a freshman at Brigham Young University. He lives in Helaman Halls and serves as FHE dad.


Bing said...

Laugh out loud!

Kelsie Lynn said...

Is this for reals?

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Wait, do you actually think that a girl's appearance, moral or not, is entirely for you and other men? You need to take a look at yourself before you judge the girls that attend our school. You are sexist and wrong. This editorial is ridiculous. And I doubt that girl from your story smiled at you.

Austin said...



Daxson said...

This made me laugh a lot. You could say I was rolling on the floor laughing out loud out loud out loud. Love the ASL part.

Daxson said...

Oh and if this ISN'T a joke, you're pretty ridiculous.

sam_theman said...

heh. this reminds me of that eating babies satire from that one time along time ago.

props man stick it to those chumps in the universe.

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