Shout Out Louds: Things Of Note In Provo

As we kick back into regular posting, be aware of some Things of Note.

1) Next Friday (Oct. 15), starting at 8 PM we will be watching Stop Making Sense on a projector screen in the front yard of The Parlour, our humble home. We will be making cider and dranks to drank on. Come meet some cool people, including Michael Killian of Daily Universe fame! (woah, you're thinking). Here is the facebook event page.

We will also be discussing the UTA bus pass situation
in a serious manner, with lots of facts, figures, and future plans. If you would like to come just for that, come around 10 PM.

2) Tomorrow night there is some sort of party hosted by the BSS (Boots, Staches, and Sweaters Club) which, from what I can tell, involves some guy named Mike Lemon and free food. Oh and they seem to be dedicated to being cool in Provo, so you gotta love that right?

3) The UVU Clothesline Project (a rape awareness/therapy event) will be happening from Oct. 20th-21st.

Alright! We'll get back to posting artwork, funny pictures, and stories now. Thanks.


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