@BYU: I Can Haz Change?

No more bus passes as of 2011.
No more Women's Research Institute as of 2009.
No opinions expressed in the Daily Universe that might offend the administration (as of always).
No easy access to student resources that might actually allow them any voice or expression.
No beards.
No officially sanctioned clubs promoting gay rights.
No honest discussions about homosexuality in class or on campus.
No campus services offered for physically-disabled students.
No empathetic student government.

If change were even remotely possible at Brigham Young University, what do you think would be important to bring to BYU?

Let us know below in the comment section and we'll get to talking. The first step in inviting change is voicing what exactly you want changed.

We're looking maybe to shift directions a little. Anybody with us?


Christian McCall said...

I think the rule against beards is ridiculous. I understand (not necessarily agree with) the reasoning behind creating the rule against facial hair, but the time has come and gone for that to be an issue. Beards are no longer considered a symbol of rebellion, anti establishment, or even just looking dirty. Well groomed people with facial hair can still look stylish, clean, and classy. If anything, they look better by today's standards than those with a just a mustache (no offense to those rockin the 'stache).

Another thing that should be changed immediately is the student government. BYUSA is a joke. I personally know the vice president of the organization and while he is a great guy, the organization itself seems more or less useless. Having been to numerous activities sponsored by BYUSA, I can say that to me it seems like a freshman entertainment committee, lacking any substance or purpose beyond that. There is no infrastructure directed towards making changes or improvements to any aspect of student life. It's basically a glorified booster organization.

redneckzilla said...

I honestly could NOT have said that any better. Where have you been hiding Christian? Geez, come work for us.

Natalie said...

I realized there's a difference in some of our concerns. Some of them are more or less crowd control issues which don't bother me as much since this is a private university, but then there are issues dealing with ignorance and a lack of commitment to improvement. The fact that there are no campus services offered for physically-disabled students is not ok, and frankly embarrassing for a university with our status and acclaimed morals. An insensitive student government is a frivolous use of tuition money and time when we could either go without them or actually get someone in the office who could change things. Not having bus passes available through the school is just plain stupid considering even those with cars are able to use the bus, but those without cars will soon be hoofing it (unless they can't, in which we've now combined both the bus pass problem AND the lack of campus services for disabled students. Bravo!).

My suggestion is to put aside crowd control issues for now like expression in the Daily Universe and FIRST tackle the dysfunctional issues like what BYUSA is actually doing and how kids in Orem without cars are going to get to class next year.

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