Student Provo City Alliance

Did you know that there's a non-profit organization here at BYU called the Student Provo City Alliance (or SPCA)? Maybe you didn't. You do now. This is a group of students who have dedicated themselves to creating a communicative tie between the students in Provo (BYU, UVU, non-attending, hair school, etc.) and the City Council. This is a group that is trying to help inform and mediate problems between students and the City.

You might also not know that you can be a part of this process. You do now.

Aside from just contacting the group, staying informed, and attending events when they arise, there are other ways to get involved. Recently the City of Provo has formed subcommittees to help decide matters concerning the 20 year Provo Revision Plan. These subcommittees are headed by prominent members of the city and are composed of residents. What the SPCA has the opportunity to do is place passionate and capable students on these subcommittees.

If you're interested in assisting in the creation of public policy that would benefit students and residents of Provo, email us at barebonesmagazine[dot]gmail[dot]com. We'll get you hooked up.

Students are wanted to assist subcommittees concerning: Safety, Prosperity, Unity, Public and Non-Profit Partnerships, Education, Leisure, Natural Resources, Family and Neighborhoods, Land Use and Growth, Health Care, and Heritage.

Time commitment is expected to be nominal. Students with experience or just disgusting amounts of interest in the subjects should apply.

If we want change at BYU and in Provo these are the people we work with. Get involved or stop complaining.

Here is their webpage! Here is their facebook! This is a relevant song by Ginuwine!


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