"Biology absolutely has a role in causing homosexuality"

That's what Professor William Bradshaw said in a lecture at BYU in 2004. Tonight, he's probably going to say it again. At least, we hope he will.

Emeritus Professor William Bradshaw will be speaking on "The Evidence For A Biological Origin For Homosexuality" tonight in room 445 in the MARB. The lecture will run from 7 to 9 PM.

This is an important presentation, in our humble opinions, for BYU (even though it's not the first of its kind) as it will educate students about both the scientific process behind claims like this, as well as the Church's official stance on homosexuality. This stance isn't voiced really all that openly, and one can see that if they go to the Facebook event page wall and read some of the strangely outraged comments. Also, they aren't spelled very well and are poorly spaced and punctuated. Fun!

Hopefully Professor Bradshaw will say some good stuff tonight. And hopefully you'll come hear that stuff.

That is all!


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