Urban Portraits: From Provo to Istanbul

Personal Points of Reference.

I have been recently putting together a portraiture project which intimately involves the process of meeting and coming to know someone. It aims at exploring the ways in which humans perceive meeting other people, especially in seemingly 'random encounters.' From Eastern Europe to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, I have sought out opportunities to simply meet and communicate with others that are around me. I try to construct a portrait of the subject which reflects the individual and the meeting in general. This is influenced by countless factors such as the weather, the setting of the encounter or meeting, the nature of the conversation that took place, and how well I knew the person at the time, if at all. In this way, I render a visual representation with various media of not only the subject, but the experience itself.

I love to use art (in the form of visual art, music, film, etc) as a 'point of personal reference.' I am able to measure my personal growth and change against my constantly evolving responses to good art and unmoving truth. So, the 'purpose' of this project might change as time goes on, as I, uh, 'change and learn.' Enough pretentious disclaimer. Enjoy. More coming soon.

"...moved on. Life has a direction. . ."
ballpoint pen, watercolor, gesso, charcoal on cold press
Location: Amarillo, TX
Notes: Old friend from home. Liked her dreads. Talked about a breakup she had just went through. Exchanged life advice. *hadn't met in years.

"london london"
ballpoint pen, watercolor, soy sauce on cold press.
Location: Provo, UT
Notes: Rainy. Everything seemed gray. She was wearing shoes I remember commenting on. Conversation topic rested on how Provo differed from where she was from originally, and how she wants to live in England one day. Maybe I do too, someday. Maybe not. *first-time, happenstance encounter

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eliza.e.campbell said...

Well this is awesome.

Austin said...


you should DEFINITELY make prints to sell. I would most DEFINITELY buy.

Taylor said...

prints are a great idea; definitely something to look into. thanks!

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