Upcoming Events: Bare Bones Cares

We've been thinking a lot about things lately, especially the concept of community-building. That's what this magazine is about and we are going to dedicate ourselves to doing that more. Thus, here are some community events that you can participate in to make Provo and BYU a better place - one that's much more fun to live in.

-Now: Hey! Cities throughout Utah have recently been passing anti-discriminatory acts that help protect the rights of homosexuals in Utah. The Church actually endorses these laws! Woah! There's a petition going around that advocates for such laws to be brought to Provo, which would be awesome because why not give people equal opportunities in jobs/housing/education/etc? Sign that petition here if you want some modicum of equality and progressiveness brought to Provo, UT. Also, reading material.

-Sept. 29: Stand For The Family Opening Social. This is a BYU sponsored club that addresses and begs open discussion about issues of marriage within the Church. If minds shall be opened, they shall be opened politely and within the system. You should go if you're interested in hearing Randy Bott speak, which is always fun.

-October 8th: We're having an outdoor projected movie night thing at The Parlour. We'll be watching the classic Stop Making Sense. Come and watch one of the greatest movies ever made, eat some food, and drank some dranks.

-October 20th-21st: UVU is holding their Clothesline Project. This is a great way to get involved and become more knowledgeable about the overwhelming problem of rape in Utah.


-Every week the USGA, a group of BYU and UVU students dedicated to discussing the issue of homosexuality in the Church (one does not need to be gay to go, do not worry), meets Thursday at 7 PM in 120 TMCB. Here is their facebook page.

-International Cinema is great and every Tuesday they have lectures. Next week is Eliza's uncle! LOL! Here is their website. Go to these because they are more than movies.

We hope this helps and we'll be more proactive in the future about getting things together. If you ever have an idea for an event or something interesting and helpful going on in the community (we totally slacked on getting the word out about India Fest and the Latin Fest, SRRY), PLEASE let us know and we'll advertise the heck out of it.

And now... here is a picture of Steve Martin's twitter.


eliza.e.campbell said...

Hey, stuff! I hope Steve Martin comes.

Kelsie Lynn said...

haha do you think that really is steve martin's twitteR? he makes such a mockery of himself if so.

and for once, i slightly wish i was in utah.

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