Screenshots of Confusion: Virgin Isles Edition

We here at Bare Bones love when Behavioral Targeting goes wrong.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of living in the repressive, dog-eat-dog, patriarchal society of Afghanistan? Worn out from the undue stress that goes with getting acid splashed on your skin by Taliban soldiers who don't feel that women should be able to go to school? Does it feel like all you do is work, sit in traffic, and get acid splashed on you, day in and day out?

Treat yourself to a refreshing Caribbean vacation, maybe our newest 'Acid Recoup' package. Splash yourself with the cool waters of relaxation!

If you have equally misguided advertising instances, please screenshot that and send it to us at barebonesmagazine[at]gmail[dot]com!


Austin said...

She's a mermaid! Whoaaa!!!, I mean...the human rights crimes going on in Afghanistan are a disgrace.

Daxson said...

You're funny, Eliza. We should hang out.

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