Local Yokel Jason Chaffetz May Be D.C.'s New Boss

Jason Chaffetz (pronounced "Cha-fey") has said a lot of things over the years. He's advocated internment camps for illegal immigrants. He runs in districts he doesn't live in. He has sided with 9/11 "truthers". He also has no idea what Stephen Colbert actually said in his Congressional testimony and refused to participate in the hearing, even though he was on the subcommittee.

And if the GOP wins a majority this November, he'll run the Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and the District of Columbia Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Here's their website. Fun! What does this thing actually do?!

"The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is the main investigative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives." (sourced) Oh.

Dems and Republicans alike are worried about Chaffetz' rise to power in D.C. He's power-hungry and charismatic. He also doesn't pull any punches.

Read more about Jason Chaffetz and this potential implications of the power shift in the House this November here. (Kudos to Alex Baca for throwing me a word and for probably writing for us in the future)

Also, vote. Seriously. VOTE. If you don't vote, I will never, ever let you complain about politics in the future. I'll call you a hypocrite and a total douchebag, and probably punch you right in the teeth.


arc said...

The residents of DC, if they want a vote, they already have one. They can vote for President, something we changed by changing the constitution - legally. If they want representation in the US reps, they have one, one that can vote in committees. If they want a voting rep in the US house, all they have to do is what a large chuck of DC did in the mid 1800's. I think they should join a state. They should be part of Maryland.

I am glad we have someone like Rep. Jason Chaffetz defending the Constitution.

1. The US Constitution says that Congress is in control of D.C.

2. Rep. Chaffetz is doing his job. He is on the committee, and the “ranking” GOP on it.

3. Are you afraid that D.C. or Congress will overturn the D.C. Council votes? They may or may not, but they should vote.

redneckzilla said...

I have a bigger problem, overall, with Chaffetz and his politics. He's certainly not winning my trust by voting no on anti-gay violence bills, TARP money, green public schools, and roudin' up all of them illegals.

I think he sets the standard high when it comes to keeping lawmakers out of the realm of mortal deities: he voted no on congressional pay raises and against allowing lobbyists into political seats. I can't disagree with that. But I can't see him ensuring the health and livelihood of anyone approaching the poverty line. And I can't see him upholding the Constitution in a way that benefits all citizens. He's a power player for the white, wealthy, and well-connected.

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